The 2015 Irish Steel Guitar Festival will take place on the weekend of 17th and 18th October at the Green Isle Hotel, Newland's Cross, Dublin.

We welcome back Joe Wright as our featured player.

this is the confirmed list of players who will play

Joe Wright (USA)

Mark Horn (Germany)

Hans De Jong (Netherlands)

Peter Nylund (Finland)

Francoise DeVille (England)

Gerry Hogan (England)

Dave Hayward (England)

Percy Robinson (Ireland)

Frankie Lane (Ireland)

Paul Brennan (Ireland)

Mickey Adams (USA)

Lionel Wendling (France)

Jeff Spencer (Australia)

Arthur James (Wales)

Kevan Bartholomew (England)

Dave Kirk (England)

Donny Johnston (Scotland)

Willie Gamble (Scotland)

Aidan Cunningham (Ireland)

Richard Nelson (Ireland)

Tony McGrath (Ireland)

This list may change due to circumstances beyond our control.

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